By Dave Kavanagh

Ogma rests on her staff, her thoughts on flowing life

A seer and a goddess. Never mother or good wife

But people looked to her in search of simple truth

So she delved about the land and harvested its fruit

The rivers of the sisters each run from different source

But the join above Duncannon a triquetra of force

And each is sired by different fathers of the land

They each pull towards the mother and her loving hand

At the meeting place of water where two become three

Ogma divines a simple answer to an ancient mystery

That the strength of people of the sun, springs not from the warrior’s tomb

But from the unity and laws forged within the mother’s womb

The binds that keep the clans and tribes strong and unified

Are not the bonds of sire’s loins but ties men will not divide.

The ties and bonds of mother’s love and her sweet guiding hand

Are the ties that bind the people of the sun, upon the verdant land


Ogma: Celtic Goddess of Wisdom. The Rivers Nore, Suir & Barrow are known as the three sisters
The rivers flow from three different sources only joining as one close to Duncannon, before joining with the sea (Mother)
The power of the Triquetra (Power of three) represents strenght in Celtic lore (The Mother Father Child) (Birth Life Death). The Triquetra was used by Patrick who converted the Pagan Irish to Christianity. He famously used the Shamrock with its tree leaves to explain the trinity (Triquetra) of Father Son Holy Ghost.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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