To Be Remembered

To be missed, when I die
That the people assembled will cry
Not in loud raucous phrase
But quietlike and in gentle grace

And bow their heads and contemplate
The man they knew by chance or fate
That I was a man worth the knowing
A man who left the world not owing

Accounts all paid, undertaker included
And bills all accounted. None excluded.
That my widow will walk with head high
And my son and daughter quietly cry

And think me a father to treasure
And my wife will remember me in time with pleasure
And think her life as one well spent
And remain ever a widow but at once content

That she has had the best of men
No other would replace me then
And she would have good memories in store
To see her out and then some more.

Brothers and sisters would return
And for their brother they would mourn
Think that life will now be the lesser
And think me for just that day their better.

That the town will for a moment cease
And even my enemies will be at peace
And all will stand along my final way
And mark with grief my funeral day.

That no priest will speak of my care
Or prayer of church will taint the air
But that each will by my death be moved
And the world by my life be left improved

And music across that stretch of earth
Where she takes me to be interred
No Christian dirge or funeral drone
But music of life. Sweet rock and roll

So an hour to celebrate a faithful friend
And remember me fondly in my end
Cry if you must. But laugh too awhile
And please think of me and smile

So those who lay me in the earth
Will do so sadly and with regret
And gently they will do their best
To not disturb me in my final rest.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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