By Dave Kavanagh

In the mist above St Kevin’s bed I chanced upon a still reflective pool

I stoop to scoop up some water there, crystal clear and sweetly cool

And on the edge a boulder round, tempted me to sit and rest

Before I hiked on over mountains on my journey to the west.

On my pilgrimage of searching, seeking simple truth to conquer fears

And a way to live a useful life so not waste my working years

Above the pool a willow grew and on her branches autumn drooping leaves

Falling one by one upon the pond as she sang softly to the shifting breeze

Each leaf that fell, though gently, disturbed the perfection of that silver plain

Until ripples broke upon the bank and the pond was still and calm again.

Then I sensed with me a presence warm, a loving hand resting gentle on my head

And fancied a faint whispering and I heard then the words he said

“Watch” he bade me urgently “And heed the lesson I reveal

And spread the word of love to all that the faiths and sects can heal”

So I sat in silence waiting and watched as each leaf fell

And I saw the ripples forming, hoped to see then the secrets they could tell.

And each leaf that struck the surface formed ripples across the quiet calm

And the echoes of the striking spread from shore to shore its gentle harm

Then I felt the guiding hand again as my eyes and mind began to clear

And I felt the ghost of love beside me caused neither shock nor fear

With his gentle urgent bidding and certain in his love for me

My mind came clear and knowing and a simple truth I came to see

As each leaf fell on the water, its impact led to gentle strife

And spreads slowly through the world of water bringing turmoil to that life.

And as the understanding and the import of this lessen settled in my mind

I saw clear then for just a moment his face smiling and kind

I felt the presence of his love move slowly through the mountain air

And in wonder I stood again to look about the wonder strewn there

I took that day the lesson that love taught me by a silver pond

And I carry it forever and live my life by its accord

For each action and decision in my ever changing day

I count the cost in ripples, and give out no more than I can in kind pay.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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