Christmas Gifts (silly poetry)

This morning I woke to a treasure trove
Gifts in abundance stacked high for me
No wrapping or tinsel or tags required
No baubles or glitter. No Christmas tree.

I woke to a wife, a son and a daughter
I woke with some pain but good health
I woke to a home secure and warm
I woke. A man secure in his wealth.

I woke to a day filled with ideas and words
I woke with wonder still for the new day
I woke to small hands on my warm face
I woke to a child primed and ready for play.

I woke with a start from a will o’ wisp dream
I woke with a groan then a smile
I woke to a voice asking for love
As she stole under the sheets for a while

I woke with certainty and knowing
I woke with a surety of love
I woke full of joy for these gifts I possess
I woke thankful to fate and the stars above.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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