The Deluded Generation

In a world designed by the youthful wise

Who rule the ruin of earth and skies

The aged fool with mouth of sand.

Once beheld the beauty of the land

Now stands impotent against the rage

The fury of this ravaging age

That measures earth and deems her nought

And fears not hunger, flood or drought

On flickering screens they chart bright futures.

Heal her wounds with technological sutures

And mould her to their own design

Never knowing that the earth is dying

So the aged fool steps from the fight

Stumbles out into the toxic night

And looks up in memory of stars

Obliterated by toxic fumes and tars

Tears run down his ruin of  face

He looks out to mist obscured space

And prays his days will not outrun

The obliteration of the once bright sun.

He curses youth who now hold the powers

Who program the land from steel bowers

Then he sees clear the despoilers of all creation

Are not they but us. The deluded generation

© Dave Kavanagh @

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