Christmas Traditions

She remembers mince pies on silver trays
And a turkey stuffed with thyme and sage
And auntie Anna drinking sherry
And below it all the deep seething rage.

She remembers gifts exchanged and put aside
She recalls the fear and terror of that silent night
And the ache of anticipation
As the air crackled with the tension of the looming fight.

She recalls the preparations made and ruined
The wrapping paper gay and torn
Discarded in the face of greed
On the meanness of a festive morn

She dreams fitfully of those days
She remembers traditions built year by year
The drinking and banter, the anger and tears
In a room of crepe and tinsel and fear

She hugs her own children close now
And she lies by a crystal blue lake
In a nightmare of  years forgotten
And the stink of brandy on dark Christmas cake

So she has built her own traditions
So her kids grow up without fear
Each year they come to Utopia
And spends the holidays here.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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