Morning Peace

Morning sounds
The sounds of quietitude
The sounds of peace
Life without engagement
Or attitude

A clock ticks
On an uncomplaining wall
Rhythmic and soothing
No clash of will
No demanding call

Wind blows beneath the eaves
Pass through without restraint
Whistling its own tune
No discordant note
No complaint.

The old dog blinks and yawns
Sleeps in memory of his years
With thought to trouble none
And none to bother him
No young pup snapping at his ears

And a man sits among it all
Peace settles all around
No echo of flesh or blood
He writes in peace until
The first sound.

And so another living day begins.
As peace is replaced by laughter
And he smiles waiting for the march
Steps on hall floor as she stumbles
Sleepy beautiful daughter.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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