Dont let them take her.

Dont let them have her.

They took her away just in time
Mother a junkie, father doing time
They put her in foster care
Something special something rare

Security for a three year old miss
She had never known a home like this
She was born in the midst of heroin
But now she’s doing just fine

But on a civil servants desk a letter
Dad is out and Mum is getting better
They want their baby back its been reported
They are in a program getting sorted

Now she is settled, part of a family
Three years secure and living happily
She knows nothing of the carers plans
To pull her once again from another mothers arms.

Foster mothers heart torn in two
She hasnt a clue what to say or do
She raised this toddler as her very own
And now a pair of strangers say they want her home

Dont let them have her. She will not cope
In a world of bedsits and drink and dope
I met her parents they will not survive
In five years from now will either be alive?

They took her on a rainy winters day
Five years now since she’s gone away
I saw her on the street this afternoon
Her smile is dead now, and she is slipping. Slipping down.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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