Times Truth

On the paddock  fence they sit.
In a tableau old as time
An old grandfather grey and wise
And a young boy of eight or nine.

And they stare across the green land
Where they each see different views
The boy sees his many years to come
His grandfather sees his years all used.

And so each views his journey
In time‘s constant beat
Youth marching rudely forward
While age moves in retreat

And time separates these constant hearts
As life moves on a pace
And the grandfather sits lonely on the fence
As the boy grows in years and grace

Grandfather looks through old eyes
Envies the young man his strength and youth
And yearns that old age will last yet
But he knows time’s harsh honest truth

That life is mean to old and young
As each takes a different track
Ignorant youth looks ahead
While wise old age looks back

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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