A Dream of Flight

A Dream of Flight

On soft green sea banks I lie
Falling fast into a clear blue sky
And breath a boys contented sigh
Lost in  dreams, I rise up to fly
To glide on sun warmed thermal air
And challenge high the falcons stare
Then dive with him in death race
To swoop up again with raptors grace.
And hover on currents unseen
Above a land of pleasant green
Where the wind blows through ruffled feather
And I become one with the weather
To fly with joy in soft warm rain
And glide in close to field and lane
While storm plays along my outstretched wings
And through my feathers gales sing
I race the lightening to the ground
And tremble at the thunders rumbling sound
Then swoop along the coastal way
Skim close and dip wingtip in the waves
Then sing my ecstasy on high
Brave rider of the clear blue sky.

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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