Denied the Right to Ramble


Denied the Right to Ramble.

As if they could own the very air
The fox, the rabbit and the loping hare
They stake a claim upon this land
And deny access in rude demand

Private property the hateful signs proclaim
And with this command they state their aim
To keep this grass untrammelled hay
Rebuff the walkers least they soil the lea

Where once the rambler wandered free
Now fenced with wire and thorny tree
The hunter and his dogs are banned
None can enter on this once common land

And the tracks left now for us to walk
Not wide enough for man and dog
To walk together side by side
So the pup will never learn his stride

And muck paths are trap for young and old
So now the walkers are the strong and bold
And others denied the gift of salt and air
Private Property the damn signs declare.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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