Seven Pillars

I have spent a long time getting this together. It is part of a series of reflections on environmental issues. I hope it touches some people.


Seven Pillars

By Dave Kavanagh

Part I

The Virtues.

A falcon hovers o’er the sickening land
Where seven pillars now in ruins stand
Seven tenets placed there to obey
Now fallen to neglect and harsh decay

Each pillar formed of my flesh and light
Seven columns set there shining bright
Each etched with care for my beloved wards
I left you seven simple guiding laws

All written in my loving father’s hand
For you I set to guard my fragile land
I placed them safely on that verdant hill
Seven virtues forged of heart and will

Prudence to take only as you need
And surrender not to base and vile greed
To return in kind and properly replace
That she be preserved in all her gentle grace

Benevolence to temper your strong hand
And cherish ever my blessed and sacred land.
Treat with care I asked, the aged, young and meek
And tend with love the gentle and the weak

Vigour In bending back and working hand
Work hard I pray you guardians of my land
But keep strength enough beyond your working day
To join with joy, your children in their play

Modesty don’t think yourself too much
Or waste your life on fools conceit or such
But rather choose yourself the lesser role
And strive humbly, to work as one within the whole

Tolerance I made my fifth decree
Don’t stoop to deal in spite or jealousy
Or covet more than is your rightful share
But see to each in turn and treat them fair

Temperance I wrote in trembling hand
Do not rape or blight the blessed land
And strike no plant or creature from her face
But allow each room in their allotted space

Serenity was last. Be calm and Serene
Keep peace upon my plough and pastures green
And start no warfare or divine crusade
But stand strong against the imposter’s blade

“For generation the people of the Danu race
Who heard my voice and saw my day bright face
Lived according to my will and my command
And in quiet harmony, with the sacred land”

Seven Pillars
Part II

The Vices

Then Mammon came and saw my bounty there
On beloved land and seas. And in the frosted air
So he marched his armies to the sacred hill
And there he razed in enmity, the tenets of my will

He planted there, those bitter standards of his own
Seeds from which his twisted will has grown
Seven too, numbered his vile and ill instruction
The ideology of greed, indolence and destruction

Avarice was the first he told you was desired
Voracity he encouraged and admired
So land was worked beyond her power to grow
And still he demanded land to slash and burn and sow.

Sloth then he said it was a virtue
Why work? He laughed when other, will do for you
So he elevated his unholy wicked few
From the hateful and indolent he raised up a craven crew

Gluttony. He taught them greed’s avid companion
And he exalted each insatiable champion
He laughed with hate as they pillaged and destroyed
And subjugated the wretches they employed

Pride then. He praised their foolish beading
And the furs of those that they left dead and bleeding
Man strutted as if they had spawned creation
Small gods that stood in crude imitation.

Lust they took as a virtue not a vice
And they practiced daily righteous avarice
Set themselves above those simpler others
Used Gods words to annex land of heathen brothers

Envy He placed then in their childish hands
And when they despoiled all the foreign lands
So that they might then turn upon their own
In war he divided them under flag and crown.

Anger. He bestowed the gift of Wrath
Then on his growing seat of bones he sat
And watched her body slowly torn apart
As he sang in spite to her breaking heart

Seven Pillars
Part III

The Ending

The End now. So on that hill I stand
With the spear of vengeance in my trembling hand
My heart lies shattered on the desert sand
Rage at the destruction wrought upon my land
Where once was verdant hill and forest fair
Now grit and sand choke the poisoned air
Man has brought her to her weakened knees
Despoiled her land, felled her breathing trees
Now the air is filled with toxic fumes
And men live trapped in air conditioned rooms
And still they take from her, as she dies
To fuel the madness of man’s destructive rise

They the error of my own creation
To set man above each kind and diverse nation
And place in him the trust to heed my will
And live by seven simple tenets, set on a verdant hill.
With love and tears I killed my errant brood
So the injured earth could heal and be renewed
I took with hate, that sharp spear in my hand
And smote them all forever from the stricken land

Seven Pillars
Part IV

A New Beginning

And now I stand and weep, a grieving parent’s pain
My bitter tears fall on sands of parched dead grain
And in the arid earth a dormant seed that burns
One green shoot emerges, and with it life returns

On a distant hill a boy and girl stand
They work together, passing blocks from hand to hand
To build once again seven pillars high
The falcon, that is I, swoops down from a clear blue sky.

The End

© Dave Kavanagh @

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