Twenty Steps to Peace


When my head is full of the days busy hum
And the peace I yearn for will not easy come
Nor sleep take me in its slow embrace
I travel too that wild high place

And on the cliff top, awaiting me
As dawn breaks above a flat silver sea
There peace settles across the land
As sun paints her warm glow on fine quartz sand

From among the quaking furze bush
Sweet song of the finch and thrush
Rolling fields reflect their joyous beat
In regimented rows of golden wheat

I walk then along the high cliff path
And hear the gentle pulse of earth
I stroll in happy wonder until I reach
Twenty steps that lead me to a hidden beach

Twenty steps that take me down.
In green threads that curve round and round
And bring me then dizzy to below.
To flat virgin sand where no others go

Above the sand, sheer granite cliffs tower
And a sea cave forms a peaceful bower
Round smooth skimming stones I gather there
One for each irksome night time care

I take them warm then in my hand
And thread sure across the damp sand
To the edge of the flashing silver bay
There I skim each stone and care away.

Then I sit happy on warm boulders there
And peace invades my mind and soothes my cares
And the hum of the careworn busy day
Drifts slowly across the silver bay.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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