The joy of pain

The joy of pain

Dump it all here.
Commit it to the waiting  page
Cough it up. Spit it out
The love, the hate and rage.

Purge your aching heart
Cleanse your screaming mind
Reach deep and expunge
Find a screen and leave it all behind

Do not hold back for fear of hurt
Let it pool and flow
In the drying of your ink
Take your pain and let it go

Bleed it out in words and verse
Release that venom if you dare
Freely rave and rant and curse
Clench your fist and swear.

The pen’s balm for the pain you feel
But if the writing does not flow
Lance the poison and begin to heal
Dont fret. Just write it down and let it go.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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