Death of an Agnostic


Death of an Agnostic.

Roaring to the last he died
Full of life and full of pride
His son and wife standing by his side

His wife distraught, she quietly wept
Remembering the promises she’d kept.
The hard bargain he forced her to accept

No damn Priest for me he said.
We didn’t need one when we wed
I want none now by my death bed.

No use he’d be, to my love and I
No good to me now, as I die
T’would make no easier, this our last goodbye

So damn them to hell, he loudly swore
I will not confess to make me whole
But my love to you, I’ll entrust my soul

So no Priest please now, my Iove
If im forgiven t’will be by God above
Now let me die as I have lived and loved.

And then he was gone a sweet release.
She buried him with no book or beads
And prayed only after.

That he would rest in peace.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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