Sounds of Childhood.

Sounds of Childhood

My mothers familiar voice calling me in
Rains staccato beat, on a roof of tin
Hateful school bell summons me, from my joyful play
Muffled rumble of traffic, on distant highway.

Boom of crashing surf and rolling breaking wave
Children’s laughter echoed back in a dark sea cave
Raucous seagulls forlorn scream on a lonely shore
Creak of bracing plank and the slap of straining oar

The trilling sound of the huntsman’s calling horn
And fresh horses blowing hard on a winters morn
Iron shod trotting hooves on a frozen forest track
Working hounds that call at bay,
A running, hunting pack.

Rustle of warm summer breeze through tall seeding grass
Thrum of tractor diesel as the mower makes a pass
Startled call of cock pheasant standing alert and tall
And the lazy sound of insects buzzing, bees pervade it all.

Distant child voices play, out of parents sight
Sounds of day spent on golden sand, summer warm and bright
And distant voices on the dark road in the fading light
The sound of voices call out on frost dazzled winter night.

The sound of childhood, distant and long past
Memories in sound and scent that will ever last
The sounds of growing call me back to younger brighter days
Of childhood and innocence, a time of simpler ways.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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