Night Terror.

Night Terror

As moon rises
And darkness falls
Across the unlit rooms
And the darkened halls.
The light and space
Of the sunlit day
Now fill with darkness
Night holds sway.
The darkness of twilight
Drops unbidden
Unleashes unknown terrors
That daylight has hidden.
Black shapes take on
Bleak aspect
Taut nerves quiver
Ready to react.
Each rustle
In that darkened place
Calls to mind
A spectral face.
Screaming dripping
Blood and puss
Undead creatures
That have come for us.
And out of darkness
Fearsome phantoms creep
Awoken now
From their daily sleep
To deal in terror,
Bloody gore and fright
And stalk
The slowly creeping night.
Those place safe
In bright daylight
Now filled with fear
In darkest night
So at night I pray,
Dont chose to roam
But turn your feet
Safe for home

© Dave Kavanagh @

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