When I was a kid life was easy, uncomplicated and mostly fun. We worked on the family farm, followed direction from parents, didnt worry to much about, clothes, hair styles, image, academia or the countless other issues that are so pressing and distressing for kids today. I see teenagers now who must fight to be seen in a world where boundries have come down, limits have dissapeared and all of their safety nets have been removed. Children need support to grow and become adults, our world denies them much of that support.


Dont listen, run

 As fast as you can, run

 Stay ahead of the game, run

 Never give in, run

 Block it out, run

 Scream and shout, run

 Shake your head, run

 The words they said, run

 Its not real, run

 These things you feel, run

 Run from blood, run

 Emotions flood, run

 All you want to be, run

 All you want to see, run

 Run away, run

 Stay ahead, run

 Dont let them change you, run

 Dont let them break you, run

 Live off the grid, run

 Your just a kid, run

 The person you are, run

 Its not so far, run

 From what you want, run



© Dave Kavanagh @ 2015

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