Something we all yearn for, the silence to think, to appreciate our world with all of its beauty and its flaws. To step outside the never ending cycle of doing and for just a while to be content to just be.



A break from the constant din

The noise of daily life

No more sound,

Of a world in chaos.

No more alarms,

no more traffic noise.

No more chatter of children

In the loud rumbling bus

No more bus he pleads

No babies cry

No din of gossip exchanged

No senseless hum of human noise.

Shut it out

Shut it down

Silence the television

Its senseless droning rant

Mute the static spewing radio

Let the world stand still

Let aircraft stay on the ground

Keep trains stationary in their yards

And boats moored

Silent on the quay.

Give him space to breath

Space to silence the screaming

Of his noise polluted head

And then

Only then

In the sounds of a silent world

Can be heard in all their splendour

The sounds of creation birth.

The echo of first day

In a silent world

Wind and earth and fire

The sound of silence

Loud and grand

Will echo then

Across this silent land.

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com 2015

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