Everything Changes

This is about personal struggle and the futility of trying to control life. The old man is life itself or Father time if you like. The paradox is that to understand life you must first live it and so only in later years of our life will be in any way content with what we have.

Everything Changes

It took me years

To climb that hill

Years of yearning

Years of

Failed and miserable


Not because

The track was steep

It was of course

Marginal and rough

Fit only for sheep.


it took time


Fear was the mountain

I had to climb.

Fear and ignorance

Legend and myth

To set it aside

And hear only truth

The creature that lived

In the house

On the hill

Was a beast

Mean and old

In the stories

The villagers told

He was ancient then

Older than earth

He survived only

In memory

In the lives

He once lived

When I approached

He knew I was there

His head bowed down

But his shoulders square

And then and there

My courage fled

But his voice

Pulled me up

Knees trembling

And guts weak

“Stop” he said

And stop I did

For none would dare

Disobey his command.

His voice was thin

But not sharp

Like the voice

Of a singing

Melodious harp

“It all changes” he said.

His face wrinkled and wasted

Sparse grey hair

Like frost

On his head.

“Everything starts

And everything ends

That is the secret

The knowledge you seek

Take it like plunder

It is yours to keep”

One twisted finger

As thin as bone

Pointed to the embers

Of the dead fire cold as stone


It commanded

And look I did

And saw there clearly

The lives that he lived.

A moment in time

For a child to be born

Then a blink

Of old eyes

And that child

Was a man.

Young and straight

Proud and strong

Everything changes

Soon strenght

Is gone.

Everything changes

A moment in time

Can alter the course

Of every lifetime

He pointed again

And I clearly saw

The man that I was

Just a moment before

But now with the knowledge

I gained on that hill

The knowing ground me

I was grain

Run through the mill

He showed me lives

Lived and not

He showed me


For those brave enough

I climbed back down

That hill of stone

Alive and knowing

Fear all gone

Everything changes

Life is random as breeze

Fret and worry

Alters nothing you see

Everything changes

Nothing remains

Everything changes

Nought stays the same.

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com 2015

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