Have you ever chased a word, an image, an idea. Have you been teased by that word that sits on the tip of your tongue but will not come, a word that will say perfectly what you wish to express. Have you ever had an idea that you can see through the corner of your eye, that then refuses to be seen in full when you confront it. If so then you will understand this piece of writing.


 Chasing Thoughts

Running away

On never ending

Paths that twist

And turn

Leading to an Image

An idea that is

Tickling the senses

Then hiding

Just in time to be concealed

From a

Teased and tormented mind

That is reaching for the meaning

And the words to understand

The spirt grasps what the mind cannot 

Is frustrated by this mortal flaw.

And still he strives to run it down to

Capture for a moment

Perfection perhaps

A perfect thought,

A clear crystalline image a

Symbol or a word that

Clarifies and illuminates


Picture in the corner

Of his mind.

© Dave Kavanagh @ 2015

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