An Angel

My world is full of unlikely heros and dark angels, ordinary people who are extraordinary, those who we least expect can be the greatest assets in a confusing and confused world. Ally is based on a few wonderful individuals, ladies with no bullshit attitudes and massive hearts, ladies who see what needs doing and get on with doing it. They are my Angels.

An Angel

Ally is an Angel
Just a little thing
To the world at large
She is just
Boobs tattoos and rings
She is brash
She shows her big side
Doesn’t give a damn
Big hair stacked up high<
Shocking pink & Blonde
Big boobs, all her own
jacked up, in your face
Big hips that dip and sway
As she walks with natural grace
Big smile warm and real
For all her girls and boys
Lipstick, rosy red
And the shock of
That big voice
She begs funds
Throughout the city
She knocks on all its doors
She is passion,
lust and anger
Ally doesnt shout
She roars

She gathers close about her
The young the hurt and weak
She keeps on smiling
Stays cheerful
For their sake
She stands up for
The forgotten
An angel born to sin
Eyes in which to fall and drown
And a sad and mocking grin
She is glorious in temper
A bitch
A stubborn cow
Defender of the pitiful
Who struggle on the row.
She lives among the dealers
The junkies the cheapest whores
Her heart embraces all
Ally doesnt shouts
She roars.

Ally is an angel
Sent to this lowest kip
She brings light
Into its darkness
Breaths life into its streets
She hides behind her mask
Her hair, tattoos and rings
Her heart breaks daily
She has seen
The worst of things
Babies slowly fading
In young mothers arms
Needle marks running sores
Worn like cheapest charms
Kids already lost
Beaten and abused
Black eyes, bodies hurt
Bleeding, broken, bruised
Ally brings love
Where love is seldom known
She is mother to a family
None of them her own
She hugs them all
To her warm and ample breast
The hungry and the poor
She keens for them
In tortured voice
The other fail to see the hurt
Or hide behind closed doors
But she sees it real and raw
Ally doesn’t shout
She roars.

© Dave Kavanagh @ 2015

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