Running Wild (Re-Run)

Running wild

Thunder peals, wind on the hill.

Meadow grass shimmers and then is still

Explodes in streams of dancing light.

Verdant strips swirl out of sight.

grazing hard on sparse high ground

Heads rise up at every sound

Looking out to keep from harm

They break before the summer storm.

Below the hill a youngster frets

Colt of colts he’s black as jet.

Nerves atwitch wild eyes stare.

Panic rises nostrils flare.

Muscles bunch below sleek hide

Tail held high and prancing stride

Then standing up at full rear

Danger comes, smell of fear.

Its time to run and run he will

Sound of thunder sky will fill.

Move in time with pumping heart.

Then the downward rush will start.

He is one, still apart

But joins now as the others start

A rolling running wild melee

Herd of souls running free

Down and down they will run

Below the hill beneath the sun

To river bank and lush flood plain

Shelter at last

and calm again

Dave Kavanagh June 2015

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