Sli Na Caillaigh

One of my favourite places in Ireland is the magical Cairn T in Loughcrew. It has a cathedral feel to it and it is to me the finest of the passage tombs. At about 4700 years old it is amazing that it still functions and yet every March and September during the equinox its inner chamber is still illuminated by the rising sun. Its a steep climb to the summit but worth it to see this wonderful place

 Sli Na Caillaigh

 On rolling drumlins dressed in gorse

A peak stands out, an ancient force

Place of Dannan monarchs rest

Mans endeavours truly blessed.

A shrine to Danu of the sun

Dam of each and everyone

Here her Spring and Autumn praise

Illuminate those brief few days

Her secret scripts and ancient lays

See Danu’s light in golden blaze.

Deep within that man forged hill

The science of the druid will

Reveal to those who chose to see

That nature shall forever be

In debt to gods of endless light

Composers of the day and night.

Ancients held aloft the chalice

In praise of them on Sli Na Cailli.

Dave Kavanagh January 2015

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