Running through sun ripened corn

Along sea cliff on summer morn

Boy child with the golden hair

Defy life unfurling in its lair


Look not for traps as yet unsprung

Close your ears to dirges sung

Drink in the world with child eyes

Be heedless of the warning signs


Play on sun warmed golden sand

Grains trickle slowly from your hand

Hour glass turns, pay no heed

Rout destiny you of youthful speed


Jumping rope to a skipping rhyme

Toes spring on gravel marking time

Mistress with dark gypsy eyes

Deny dark gods their craved prize


Search out no evil on your path

Nor poison mind with senseless wrath

Embrace your life with heart unsoiled

Spurn mans vision of your heaven spoiled


Girl child with the elfin grin

You played no part in the first sin

No Christian water to make you pure

Just innocence that must endure.

Dave Kavanagh April 2003

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