Day Dreaming

When my mind wonders. Where does it go?

A piece of nonsense. For your pleasure.

Late last evening driving home

My mind drifted to some place unknown

Later it returned to me

A few minutes

At most two or three

I don’t know if it travelled

Near or far

But while it was gone

Who drove the car?


Did it meet some other mind

In astral field undefined

Did it zoom on cosmic waves

Or drift on solar powered rays

Did it decide

It was not needed

On this drive so oft’ repeated

Go in search of stimuli

Which it felt a lack

Scare me to death

When it came back


Sitting at the kitchen table

It seemed my mind became unstable

I had absolutely no recall

Of getting dressed

Or walking up the hall

Where was my mind, did it break free

Or did it wake ten minutes after me

Was it thinking mathematical thoughts

Knowing it would just make me cross

If it was to ask of me

To ponder a figure greater than three


When this happens I’ve heard people say

That they have drifted miles away

But this is clearly not the case

It’s your mind that leaves

You stay in place

But what if a mind did not come back

Stayed away, strayed off track

Would this cause you untold shame

Unable to recall your own name

Thoughts like that best not to ponder

Just leave your mind free to wander.

Dave Kavanagh Oct 2007

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