Morning Rain

Morning Rain

Lancing rays sets the trees alight

 Morning garden splashed crimson bright

 Salmon sky, streaked red and grey

 Woodquest calls her welcome to the day.

 First drops fall on trembling cherry leaves

 Tears for a world that quietly grieves

 Then the splashing pattered rythem grows

 As morning rain falls on quaking rose

 Pearls cling fast to bowed seeding grass

 Errant drops paint patterns on the window glass

 Then as drumming beat begins to grow

 Gutters run and gently overflow

 And thirsty garden turns her face aloft

 And drinks in nature’s bounty warm and soft

 Huffing starling calls his protest shrill

 And from the throats of dragons silver spill

 In the necks of rhubarb gems collect

 Shattered beams strike diamonds and refract

 And all my world is new and clean and bright

 As rain gives way again to bright sunlight.


© Dave Kavanagh @ 2015

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