Her Tears

Her Tears

Her tears are tears of heartbreak

She cries silent as they leave

Her tears are held back then,

In a mothers pride and grief

She smiles for them, then and always,

As she has ever done.

She cries those sweet, bitter tears,

In the emptiness

That is left when they are gone


Her tears are the flow of memories

That tumble down the childhood years

The tears of their small victories,

The tears of a mothers crazy cheers

Her tears are of joy and sadness,

For those so quickly grown

Her tears are never seen,

They’re shed in darkness all alone


Her tears are for the their hurt and pain,

The skint knees and runny nose

Her tears are for the beds now cold

The hangers empty of their clothes

Her tears are for her hope and

For independent children as they depart

Her tears will bring them back some day

Those tears that flow to them

From a mother’s heart

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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