Your Life

Your Life


see this road.

It is the road less travelled. 

Most will choose the well worn path.

The path of least resistance.

See this road.

It is stoney and it is mainly uphill.

It is not an easy road and it demands much of you.

See this road.

It is steep and often difficult

But when you reach its end you can truly say you have achieved something.

See this road.

At its end you can take your ease 

You can enjoy the view

without having to climb on another shoulders

because you have earned this through your own efforts.

See this road,

chose carefully the friends you travel it with.

Take only those who are loyal, brave, steadfast

Those who value your friendship as much as you value theirs.

See this roadway my child.

Take on it my love and my blessing

See this road my child

This road is the road you must thread

See this road my son. 

This is the road to your exceptional wonderful life.


Dave Kavanagh March 2015



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