Are We Home Da

Are we home Da.

Are we home Da The lad said.

Arms over the gig rail where he laid his head

Just a short while more the man replied

Gently ruffling the hair of the boy by his side.

Its only a little over four mile 

The father said with his fatherly smile

Just round the next bend and over the hill. 

Then down into the burrow past Saint Jude’s well.

Just a mile or two more then to trot for old Ned

And I’ll tuck you up warm in your own feather bed.

Then the man clucked the pony so old Ned trotted on

Twilight gathered about them the light all but gone.

The very first stars twinkled from deep blue space

The wheels of the cart spun him a dream of that place

Then into the yard the clatter of cobbles 

And old Ned unhitched and put out in hobbles

Across the yard from a window shone warm kitchen light

Ma at the Door and the world set to right.

Safe now at home He’d not travel again

‘Cause all day on a cart is to hard when you’re  ten.

Dave Kavanagh December 2014

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