She Sees.

She Sees.

She sees the flower.
I see the spiking thorn
She hears the joyous call
I hear the others scorn

I see the cruel curved maw
She hears the eagles plaintive call
She hears surf below the cliff
I see the brutal fall

She sees the wolf in glory bound
I see his snarling jaw
She sees the tigers silken pad
I see the naked claw.

I see the world and hide from it
She sees and reaches with desire
She sees the glow of embers
I see the burning fire.

She sees the world and smiles
I see danger and wear a frown
She see the gentle lapping tide
I see her slip and drown

She sees the stranger and the stray
I see them and look away
She sees with joy the tinker come
I see but dont bid him time of day

She sees the nature of each man
I see  betrayal and disbelief
She sees each stranger as a friend
I see  just a thief.

She sees each thing just as I
The thorn and blooming bud
I see the world in all its bad
But she sees only good.


© Dave Kavanagh @

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