Fairies in my garden.

Fairies in my garden.


Do you know, I have fairies in my garden?

The child smiled and ran screaming

Laughter flowing like water from a sprinkler

Delighted at the thought but not believing.


But here they are. Just as I have said

Fairies who live in various nooks and dips

Not just a few but lots and all the different tribes

Pixies and elves and fairies and nymphs


Most are harmless, seldom seen small people

But some are brutes that cause chaos and mayhem

I mean dwarfs that mine under the flower beds, well

And loud argumentative trolls, who needs them?


I got a ginger cat because the librarian told me

They are best to hunt fairies she said and I trust she knows

But the fairies just hunted the poor ginger cat

The cat is now buried where the honeysuckle grows


So I decided to leave well enough alone.

I hope they reciprocate, don’t become more contrary

I have surrendered the bottom half of my garden you know

Because well, who wants to declare war on creatures of fairie

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com



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